Professional BMX rider and eight times Flatland World Champion Matthias Dandois has been privileged to travel the world for 15 years meeting a lot of people from different cultures. He was always eager to learn different things from these people. And this time he brings you on his journey interviewing a bunch of top action sports athletes from all around the world to find out what it takes to become a successful world class athlete.

Maniac Studios, our digital audio content studio based in Berlin, supports Red Bull setting up the podcast, developing the podcast strategy and producing and distributing the latest episodes.

Danny MacAskill – Trials and Mountainbike Legend

Scotty James – Professional Snowboarder 

Catie Munnings – British Female Rally driver 

Tom Pagès – French Freestyle Motocross rider and multiple Red Bull X-Fighters winner

Justine Dupont – French Surfer

Miles Chamley-Watson – American Fencer

Patrick Seabase – Swiss fixed gear cyclist

Mike Horn & Cyril Despres – South African/French duo who teamed up for the Dakar Rally

Terry Adams – BMX flatland rider

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